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1843 plays                      

Cheats: You gain a lot of money every second & purchases will add money instead of s ...

Hacked By: roflmao987    

Zombie Hole

3053 plays                      

Cheats: You gain health instead of losing it - You have all weapons at the start - Lots ...

Hacked By: roflmao987    

Park My Big Rig 2

3678 plays                      

Cheats: Infinite Lives - Time stopped

Hacked By: ken2228    

Chicky Fly

927 plays                      

Cheats: Invincibility

Hacked By: Net_Philospher    

April & Booster

2484 plays                      

Cheats: Unlimited health.

Hacked By: selectLOL       

Xantsu: The Awakening

3916 plays                      

Cheats: Lives - Double Health - 5X More powerful gun and sword - Press "Shift" ...

Hacked By: DPETTY    

Pixel Grower

4944 plays                      

Cheats: Infinite health

Hacked By: roflmao987    

Turtle Flight

2495 plays                      

Cheats: Unlimited Lives and fuel

Hacked By: Roflcopter3399    

Infectonator Christmas Edition

18560 plays                      

Cheats: Unlimited money

Hacked By: Proditor    

Polygon Reloaded

1560 plays                      

Cheats: Unlimited health and slow motion.

Hacked By: selectLOL       

Visible 3

4191 plays                      

Cheats: Invincible - Infinite Climb & Infinite Invisibility (Shift) ...

Hacked By: Proditor    

Super Bandit Bros.

1885 plays                      

Cheats: Infinite health - Big Score

Hacked By: TheDezlad    

Cubi Kill

7206 plays                      

Cheats: Increased the getting points

Hacked By: Carpet    

Kebab Van

2969 plays                      

Cheats: Lots of money

Hacked By: Proditor    

Larry: Big Dipper

1744 plays                      

Cheats: You gain health instead of losing it,and you gain multiplier instead of losing i ...

Hacked By: roflmao987    

Sheep cannon

4599 plays                      

Cheats: A lot of money.

Hacked By: selectLOL       

CZill City Race

2630 plays                      

Cheats: Health - Start each level with 25 candy bars - Time will be Zero at the end of e ...

Hacked By: DPETTY    

Miami Shark

24566 plays                      

Cheats: Press "1" to add 100 miles - Press "2" to subtract 100 miles ...

Hacked By: DPETTY    

Sydney Shark

20807 plays                      

Cheats: Press "1" to add 100 miles and Press "2" to subtract 100 mil ...

Hacked By: DPETTY    

Victorian BMX

2882 plays                      

Cheats: 2 minutes per level instead of 1

Hacked By: Deathnote202    

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