Action Games Hacked


Drop Off

6282 plays                      

Cheats: Higher altitude so that you can score more points and have more time to get in a ...

Hacked By: greeny6000    


59911 plays                      

Cheats: Hackbar: Press [1] Toggle shield - [2] Toggle armor - [3] Toggle energy - [4] ...

Hacked By: selectLOL       

Desktop Tower Defence 1.5

53554 plays                      

Cheats: 999,999 money for buying towers

Hacked By: joey4    

Newgrounds Rumble

67621 plays                      

Cheats: Cash

Hacked By: Just1nkr3d1bl3    

Mobs Down

10580 plays                      

Cheats: Infinite lives,codes available. bloodyhell,payback,freshmeat,combatmaster,tyran ...

Hacked By: Proditor    

Aqua Slug

23396 plays                      

Cheats: Unlimited lives and water balloons

Hacked By: Proditor    

Killer Mouse Avoider

7933 plays                      

Cheats: Infinite lives and button to the reward.

Hacked By: killer1390    

Future Wars: Rise of Raze

26220 plays                      

Cheats: Money hack

Hacked By: Proditor    

Space Invaders

21836 plays                      

Cheats: 1337 Lives, A first row ship gives 1000 points, Second row ship = 2000 pts, Thir ...

Hacked By: Bloodfeast    

Storm of Androids

4309 plays                      

Cheats: Cash hack

Hacked By: Proditor    

Mob Posse

14255 plays                      

Cheats: Lots of cash, needs only 1 exp point to evolution and instant evolution

Hacked By: Proditor    

Graveyard of Dunken Souls

5905 plays                      

Cheats: Rapid crate drop(shifty crates), unlimited weapon time, ...

Hacked By: Anonymous

Battle Pirates

25682 plays                      

Cheats: Tons of gold

Hacked By: Proditor    

Defend Your Temple 2

11460 plays                      

Cheats: Infinite shekels(money) and infinite health

Hacked By: melectric    

Get Off My Lawn

46202 plays                      

Cheats: Even when you don't have the upgrades, you have the upgrades. Money hack. I ...

Hacked By: Just1nkr3d1bl3    

Robot Dinosaurs that Shoot Beams When They Roar

34749 plays                      

Cheats: Infinite Lives Infinite Health

Hacked By: V1cec1ty    

S. M. O Arena Fighter

42627 plays                      

Cheats: Increased clip size More money(finish 1 round of gauntlet)

Hacked By: DeathWillDie*1    

Upgrade Complete

92382 plays                      

Cheats: Everything is free and 1000 part limit

Hacked By: Just1nkr3d1bl3    , DPETTY    

A Walk in the Park

9171 plays                      

Cheats: Dog is faster,man is lighter,man jumps,lower gravity

Hacked By: toeniskoetter    

Virtual Villagers: A new home

28720 plays                      

Cheats: Max Berries and Children can do adult tasks

Hacked By: 8uurg    

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