Arcade Games Hacked


Floatin Assault

1837 plays                      

Cheats: Unlimited Health and Specials Attacks.

Hacked By: demons936    

Taz Tropical Havoc

3852 plays                      

Cheats: Infinite Lives, Infinite Tornado Time, Infinite Game Time and higher Jump

Hacked By: greeny6000    

Mad Spaceship

4456 plays                      

Cheats: Money Hack

Hacked By: demons936    

Inter Galactic

1764 plays                      

Cheats: Lives and Turret Upgrade

Hacked By: demons936    

The Haunted House

13501 plays                      

Cheats: More money per zombie.

Hacked By: swab29    

Wedgie Toss 2

11227 plays                      

Cheats: 999 Flaps

Hacked By: axzus    

Orbis Impetus

3075 plays                      

Cheats: Lives Hack

Hacked By: demons936    

Bloody Pacman

6963 plays                      

Cheats: 999 Lives

Hacked By: jamason09    

3D Tunnel

3235 plays                      

Cheats: 200 Upgrades

Hacked By: demons936    

Gold Miner

53122 plays                      

Cheats: 2000 Starting Money, Super Strength and 99 second instead of 35 second

Hacked By: axzus    

Doom Runner

3622 plays                      

Cheats: Shielding, Missiles and Energy Hack.

Hacked By: demons936    

Balloon Duel

5836 plays                      

Cheats: $999,999 Money Hack

Hacked By: Magnite7    

Pimp my Ride - Crowd Magnet

13175 plays                      

Cheats: Money Hack

Hacked By: Royce    


4100 plays                      

Cheats: 999 Lives

Hacked By: DeathWillDie*1    


3866 plays                      

Cheats: Unlimited lives and 1 Hit everything (unless attack blocked)

Hacked By: hel1figh1er    

Hedgehog Launcher

18916 plays                      

Cheats: Money Hack - Some items have been modified for better performance.

Hacked By: DeathWillDie*1    


3526 plays                      

Cheats: Unlimited health, Unlimited stamina and Unlimited special after one kill

Hacked By: jbdogtag    


2197 plays                      

Cheats: 999 lives on each mode!

Hacked By: jbdogtag    

4 Second Frenzy

9542 plays                      

Cheats: Unlimited lives on all modes.

Hacked By: greeny6000    

Elephants in Lemonade

2160 plays                      

Cheats: 999 lives and 100,000,000 to score when game begins.

Hacked By: jbdogtag    

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