Defence Games Hacked


Droids at the Gate

3910 plays                      

Cheats: Money - All weapons and items unlocked and open on all missions! Also if you nee ...

Hacked By: DPETTY    

Kung Fu Special Trainer

1953 plays                      

Cheats: Lives, Didn't Do Time Otherwise You Would Be Stuck On Round 1 Forever ...

Hacked By: Nak    

Born of Fire

3733 plays                      

Cheats: All heroes unlocked - Level up every kill (Max lvl 50) - Health & Mana for a ...

Hacked By: DPETTY    

Tree Defence

3233 plays                      

Cheats: Every weapon & upgrade is free!

Hacked By: Proditor    

Point Resistance

2813 plays                      

Cheats: Credit hack - Some Important Cheats revealed (rytherix or rani - god mod ...

Hacked By: Proditor    

Starcraft 2 Tower Defense

9349 plays                      

Cheats: Money and 100 Lives -- NOTE: The game is very large in s ...

Hacked By: DPETTY    

H.E.L.I.C. - Helic

13886 plays                      

Cheats: Money - Instant Repairs & Building - More Health for Heli ...

Hacked By: DPETTY    

Purplenum Survival

2037 plays                      

Cheats: Money - All Guns - You won't die if your health bar goes empty! ...

Hacked By: selectLOL       

Zombie Assault

3102 plays                      

Cheats: Money and Health...That's all you need.

Hacked By: roflmao987    

Space Base Defender

3175 plays                      

Cheats: Infinite Money and Infinite Health!It looks like there is no money,but trust me, ...

Hacked By: roflmao987    

NooBoo Mary 2

4246 plays                      

Cheats: Souls (Money) -- Fast spell meter for the 3 spells on the top left of the screen ...

Hacked By: DPETTY    

rS Tower Defence VER3

2081 plays                      

Cheats: Unlimited money Unlimited lives

Hacked By: oldbrad    

BattleMachy Jade Bandits

1575 plays                      

Cheats: Infinite Gold Hack

Hacked By: Proditor    

Protector 1

4061 plays                      

Cheats: Gold - Lives

Hacked By: Proditor    


1597 plays                      

Cheats: Mana "Money" - Double base health - After you beat the first level you ...

Hacked By: DPETTY    

Zacks Hardware

3268 plays                      

Cheats: All towers are Free & have no build time!

Hacked By: DPETTY    

Cloud to Ground Guardian

6359 plays                      

Cheats: Health for the 3 ground soldiers - Chaos mode unlocked - ...

Hacked By: DPETTY    


1649 plays                      

Cheats: Money and 100 lives for all 3 game difficulties! ...

Hacked By: DPETTY    

Hugo: Alone in the tower

2942 plays                      

Cheats: 1000 tower health - Infinite Rockets - All is Free - Amm ...

Hacked By: DPETTY    

Bug War 2

21381 plays                      

Cheats: All races and levels unlocked - Use your energy special "A" anytime an ...

Hacked By: DPETTY    

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