All Hacked Flash Games


Slippery Parking

784 plays                      

Cheats: Health and Time increase instead of decreasing

Hacked By: Anonymous

War Machine

5847 plays                      

Cheats: Can't Die

Hacked By: Anonymous

Storm Chasers

1778 plays                      

Cheats: Timer hack

Hacked By: Anonymous

Adrenaline Supercars

5745 plays                      

Cheats: Car Health

Hacked By: Anonymous

Fanged Fun

1326 plays                      

Cheats: All levels and speed mode unlocked

Hacked By: selectLOL       

Hack Slash Crawl

30127 plays                      

Cheats: Health and magic hack.

Hacked By: Anonymous

King of Bikes

3768 plays                      

Cheats: Press 1 to unlock all levels and bikes.

Hacked By: Dev33    

Click The Frog

1936 plays                      

Cheats: Press 1 in main menu to unlock all levels.

Hacked By: selectLOL       

Mario Sea War

3610 plays                      

Cheats: Money & Mushrooms

Hacked By: Anonymous


11400 plays                      

Cheats: Shooting gives you ammo

Hacked By: Anonymous

Clarences Big Chance

4571 plays                      

Cheats: Enemies give you health, lowered gravity a bit, unlocking doors gives you more k ...

Hacked By: Anonymous

Latin Heat

6185 plays                      

Cheats: Press 1 when a client appears to stop timers on all clients.

Hacked By: Dev33    

Nail Household Expansion

3965 plays                      

Cheats: 999999 money - 999999 life

Hacked By: Galactius    

Pep the Dragon Lite

1917 plays                      

Cheats: Enemies Add Lives

Hacked By: Anonymous

Snow Truck

2761 plays                      

Cheats: Lives Hack

Hacked By: Anonymous

Boat Invasion

9563 plays                      

Cheats: Press 1 to add 1000 Money per Click - Press 2 to add 10 Lives per Click --NOTE: ...

Hacked By: DPETTY    

Tasty Planet

31590 plays                      

Cheats: No Time Fail - Press "W" to Win Current Level (Note:WASD movement had ...

Hacked By: Blank       

NimBall Rewind

3427 plays                      

Cheats: Press "1" to toggle on/off air jumping mode. Allows you to jump in the ...

Hacked By: Xnite       

Zombie Skull Delivery

1731 plays                      

Cheats: All Levels Unlocked

Hacked By: DPETTY    

Supercar Domintation

2707 plays                      

Cheats: Lots of Health

Hacked By: Anonymous

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