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Thread: Hey everybody

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    Hey everybody

    So im a complete ******* and trying to learn how to hack but it's not quiet working for me if you could please talk to me and run me through it i have an email address it is [email protected] but also i was wondering if you could please try to hack flash flash revolution i've been trying but again i dont know how lol so it's been a complete failure if you reply to this with your email or confromation as to hacking FFR then thank you for your help i really appreciate you

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    Re: Hey everybody

    1. No swearing! [color=#FF0000]I replaced the swearword with *******.[/color]
    2. If you need to know how to hack Check the Tutorials.
    Pre-Hack Tutorials: viewforum.php?f=10
    Trainer Tutorials: viewforum.php?f=30
    3. Read the rules before you request! ... hp?f=8&t=5
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