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    Daily Game (accepting requests)

    Here is a game I used to play with my cousin only when we played it it was in person so I hope this will work. Me and my cousin called it daily game because you get daily updates.

    Here is how the goes (Note: this is only for a few players at a time and they have to be frequent in the forums.) I chose a few players from a list (I am not sure how many yet) and they chose a team out of some choices then they will enter a world (controlled by me) that every chose you make determines if they are good or evil and if there people like them or not and maybe we will get relay technical and have troop moral.

    I will give updates regularly and if you don't get one than nothing new has happened with you guys I hope you will like this game for it took a long time to make so enjoy.

    First I need people just say that you want to be in if you are on the Forums a lot. If it has been a while and you have not responded than you are booted and the next one takes your place.

    P.S It took around one to two months.

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    I played this game too maybe 4 years back. Those days were golden. I miss those days.

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    mediocre game

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