Search for your game first, the chances are it has already been requested, if you cant find then follow the next step.

Request your games like this:

Name of Game
Link to Game (must include actual link to game. not just!)
Hacks you Want

Also, in the name of the topic write the name of the game

and if no one hacks it for you or you think they are taking to long, don't get angry at anyone or tell them to hurry up.

If no one answers your request, you have to wait at least 24 hours until you can bump your request!

[color=#FF0000]More Rules
Dont Ask For Hacks Out Of The Question Like "I WANT MY CHARECTER BLUE AND TO HAVE A FAKE RPG" (Its impossible unless u redo the game)
Make Sure Its Not already requested done or in the trainer section.
Do Not Ask For Re-Do's Accept The Game As It Is.
Do Not Spam Topic Or Bump Topics Over A Week.
Dont make the topic of ur post "PLZ HACK THIS OR CAN U HACK THIS"
Once Again Respect the people who hack the games we do this as a free service for users to enjoy
Do Not Asks For Illegal Hacks As In Free Adventer Quest Guardian Or Dragon Fable Amulet ITS ILLEGAL AND YOUR TOPIC WILL BE LOCKED
No java or shockwave games.
Do not request score hacks! It will flag the game owner, which could cause the game to be removed!
Do not request ninja kiwi ,Youda, or miniclip games!
Do not request demo to full or premium item hacks, these both require real money and is illegal for us to post!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PLEASE RESPECT THESE RULES TO MAKE OUR AND YOUR LIFE EASIER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -killer1478 and BASALTWOLF[/color]