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    How to hack using Safari 5.01

    I have Safari and I cant find a topic on hacking using Safari 5.01. Is there a way to hack with that? plz tell me.

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    Re: How to hack using Safari 5.01

    We don't hack with our browsers,we just use addons like on Firefox to get the game (swf file) so we can keep hacking with other tools.
    If you wanna get into this,get Firefox,because most of the games won't even work on Safari

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    Re: How to hack using Safari 5.01

    I assume you're using a Mac if you are using Safari. If you want to hack a game playing on your browser, I suggest you look into "ihaxgamez" It's a application similar to cheatengine; you can use it to change variables in a running program. It's native to Mac OSX btw. Here's the website if you're interested:

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