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    Team Darket BoomStik Trainer

    BoomStick Trainer

    one of many at Darket

    This game is [color=#FF0000]hack protected[/color] so there is only one hack, make sure you move before you use it

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    Re: Team Darket BoomStik Trainer

    thats not true. there can be more hacks. im making a trainer right now.

    by hack protected, do you mean encrypted? cause thats easy to bypass

    heres mine viewtopic.php?f=15&t=177
    it has ammo, score, and reload time
    Just an FYI to everyone, I don't hack anymore. I have stuff that I do outside of this. Goodbye and goodluck

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    Re: Team Darket BoomStik Trainer

    Nice trainer though

    But recomment use Visualbasic 6
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