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    Putting 1 pixel borders around your pics for submissions

    This is a tutorial on how to make a 1 pixel border around your 100x100 pics you use for your game submissions on aph.
    It's not necessary to put 1 pixel borders around your pic of the game,but the pic will look better if you do.


    Step #1:
    Go to your game.In this example,we will be getting a 100x100 pic of Desktop TD Pro,and putting a 1 pixel border around it:
    Go in your game,and look at what you want in your 100x100 pic...

    Step #2:
    After you find what you want in your 100x100 pic,hit the "Prt Scrn" button.

    This will take a screenshot of the page...

    Step #3:
    Start up GIMP!

    Now,press ctrl and v at the same time(on the keyboard).
    This will put the screenshot on GIMP.

    Step #4
    Select the "crop" tool.

    Step #5
    Select what you want to crop out.In this case,I'll crop out the towers.

    Step #6
    If you followed all the steps correctly,you should have this:

    Obviously,that is not 100x100.
    So we have to scale it.
    Go to "Image",and select "scale image".Scale it to 100x100.Remember,I'm talking about pixels.

    Now you should have this:

    Step #7 - Making the border.
    Go to select--->all.
    Then go to select---->border.
    Border it by 1 pixel,any bigger is not allowed(according to Dave).
    This will make a border selection around your image.

    Step #8
    Take the paintbrush tool and fill that border selection in!

    Done,now you can use that pic when you submit it to aph.
    if there are any questions,feel free to ask

    Oh yeah,here's the finished product:
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