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    Awesome Chocolate Cake!

    170 g self-raising flour,
    170 g soft butter (best when soft/chopped),
    170 g sugar (brown or white) (demerara is good!),
    3 medium eggs (at room temperature),
    1 heaped teaspoon baking powder (optional),
    1 heaped tablespoon Cocoa powder.
    1 large bowl to mix the ingredients
    1 sieve
    2 18cm (7 inch) cake tins approximately 4 cm (11/2 inch deep)
    Small amount of greaseproof paper

    Turn the oven on, setting it to 170 C / 325 F / Gas Mark 3.

    1) Place the flour in a bowl, take out one heaped tablespoon full of flour and use 1 heaped tablespoon full of the Cocoa powder to replace it. (Add the baking powder.) Sieve the mixture into another large bowl.

    2) Add the butter, sugar and eggs to the flour mixture and mix well using a fork - this should take around 3 minutes. The resulting mixture should fall off the spoon but reluctantly. If the mixture is too thick, add a little water and mix it in well.

    3) Put half the mixture in each of the baking tray, smooth the surface over so that it is relatively flat.Test if the sponge is cooked by gently pressing the center with your finger. If it fully springs back to shape it's cooked. If not put it back in the oven for 2 minutes.

    4) Leave the cakes in the tin for a minute to cool. Turn them out of the tins onto a wire rack. This is to let the air circulate around them as they cool. Remove the greaseproof paper and admire your cooking skills!

    5) For a filling & Topping make a chocolate butter-icing!

    6) Nom nom nom... (Eat the cake)


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    Re: Awesome Chocolate Cake!

    Mmmm, sounds great. Me, you, and Spad3r should make a cooking club. =D

    Please click show!

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