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    IWON.Com [i]

    I Have Been Trying To Hack The Amount Of Coins I Have But Am Having Trouble The Only Way That I Have Been Able To Do So So Far Is To Hack The Games They Have Slots Being The Easiest But It Wont Stick I Can Set My Coins In The Game To $$$$$ But After I Refresh Coins It Goes Back To What I Started With(Note I Can Spend These Coins With Out It Coming Off What I Had Originally But This Is Slow And You Have To Depend On Winning To Get More Coins)
    I Am Not Sure If The Address's Change Or If This Prob Is Only Because Im A Noob And Am Still Learning No These Are Not Flash I Think Jave I Have Been Using Cheat Engine And It Seems To Work To An Extent But Once Again I am New To Using It. Blah Blah Blah.

    So Far I Have Hacked Myself 300,000 Coins But It Took My 4 Days Lil By Lil If Any 1 Can Help With This I Would Be Very Greatfull So Greatfull Im Fact I Mite Just Release My Shockwave/Jave
    Trainer Hack Pack(36 Games) To Said Person.

    Once Again That Was iwon.con Any Way To Set Coins To What Ever Number And Have It Stick Outside The games Would help Thanks.

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    Re: IWON.Com


    [color=#BF8000]reason: Your post is irrelevant to what this request section is about. It is only for FLASH games only. IWON.COM is a server based site which is completely different than flash games and i don't think anyone here would be able to help in this case. You might need to hire a 1337 hacker to get the job done.
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