Chapter 1: The Wild Blue Yonder
1. Follow the tutorial and gather resources to finish the Fire Pit
2. Get the blueprint and make a Snow House
3. Put the Heart in the Snow House to activate it
4. Grab Doug, the frozen Kefling, and place him near the Fire Pit
5. The Keflings will now help you making buildings
6. Look for the Ice Carver Blueprint. Build it and put a Kefling in it to change Ice Cube into Carved Ice
7. A dragon will appear on the Ice Carver, select the dragon Emote and scare him away
8. Build a Great Hall and put a Kefling inside to make it the Chief
9. Talk to the Kefling Princess who is walking around the village. She will ask you to repair the gate to the Forest Kingdom
10. Talk to the Chief who will give you the piece to repair the gate to the Forest Kingdom
11. Repair the Forest Kingdom gate and let the princess leave
12.Use the gate and travel to the Forest Kingdom

Chapter 2: Over the River and through the Woods
1. Build a Factory for the King
2. Put a Kefling inside to get the Lumber mill and Stone Cutter blueprints
3. Talk to the princess who wants you to finish four Houses
4. Talk to the King and look for the Digging Bar and Shears. The Digging Bar is North-East of the village and the Sheads North of the village. You can now collect Wool and Crystal
5. Talk to the King to get an Eye of Newt. You now have to build a hut for the witch
6. Talk to the witch to get a potion
7. Build all the buildings necessary to unlock the construction of the Keep
8. Build an Academy and look for the Textbook located North-East of the village. Bring the Textbook back to the Academy
9. Talk to the Witch to get the Witch Cottage Blueprint
10. Build a Witch's Cottage
11. Talk to the King and help him to find his daughter by hitting the buildings
12. Place the princess in the Academy
13. Build a Cottage
14. Talk to the witch. Scare two Keflings at once with the Scary Emote to get a Country Love item. Put the Country Love item in the Cottage to unlock new blueprints
15. Talk to the witch and retrieve the Crystal of Fluffy Puppy Dreams. You can find it North of the map. Bring it back to the Witch
16. Break out the stuck Kefling. Hit him three times to break him free.

Chapter 3: Royally Awesome
1. Build an Architect and get the Blueprint from the King.
2. Build a Desert Tent using the resources in front of the Factory. Put the Love inside to activate it.
3. Talk to the King. He will ask you to bring 25 Cloth to the Architect to make a cushion.
4. Talk to Ratbeard the Merchant, you can find him walking around the kingdom. He will give you a Carpenter Manual. Bring the Manual to the Carpenter to activate it.
5. You can now build a Keep around the Town Hall.
6. Talk to the princess. She will ask you to make 25 Carved Wood. Once made, you will fet the help of Kris.
7. Talk to the princess: she will offer you a Textbook if you kick a lumberjack five times.
8. Once the Keep is finished, talk to the King. He wants you to travel to the Ice Kingdom to get Metal.
9. Go to the Ice Kingdom and talk to the chief. You will get three new blueprints and the chief will ask you to get the Ore Hammer.
10. Go to the Ice Bridge located West of the Ice village and push it. Walk on it and get the Ore Hammer. The Keflings can now harvest Ore.

Chapter 4: Heavy Metal
1. You will have to change Ore into Metal to send to the Forest Kingdom.
2. Build the buildings until you make the Furnace.
3. Build a Longhouse. The chief will ask you to look for its pet, Rocky. Rocky is located on the West of the village, behind Ice Mine. Get it back to the chief to get a Burnin' Love to activate the Longhouse.
4. Once the Furnace is done, talk to the chief. You will get the blueprint of the Reinforced Tower that will keep the dragon away from the kingdom.
5. Build a Reinforced Tower.
6. Once finished, you have to put the dragon inside the tower. Go next to the dragon and use the dragon Emote to scare him. He will go on the tower and drop an egg.
7. The Ice Palace is now unlocked. Built it around the Great Hall.
8. The Ice Kingdom is now complete. Go back to the Forest Kingdom.
9. Talk with the witch: She will ask you to bing 40 Crystals to her hut. You will get a Country Love for a Cottage.
10. Talk to the King and get the blueprint for Metal Trader.
11. Build the Metal Trader

Chapter 5: If Keflings had Wings
1. You can start producing Metal by bringing any resource to the Metal Trader.
2. Talk with Ratbeard Kefling. Pick the blueprint and build a Snow House.
3. Talk to Ratbeard and pick his present. Put it where you want.
4. Talk to Ratbeard to get a present from the Ice Shaman.
5. Work towards building the castle.
6. Build an Inventor's Lab and talk to the Inventor. Help him find three objects. Look around the kingdom to find them. One is located on an island so you will have to build a Vertical Bridge to get it. Cut the forest across the island to make space to build the bridge.
7. Once you have the three objects, go to the Inventor's Lab and build a Robotic Automatron. You get a blueprint and a new character: Robo.
8. Talk to the witch. She will give you a Burnin' Love to activate a Mansion if you make five Kefling happy. Go to a Kefling and use the smiley emote.
9. Build the Airship for the princess. Then talk to the inventor and put the princess in the Airship.
10. Talk to the King. You will get the Monstrous Perch blueprint.
11. Build a Monstrous Perch. A pigeon comes with a Note. Take it and read it. You will get the piece to fix the gate to the Desert Kingdom.
12. Go to the Desert Kingdom Gate, north of the village. Fix the gate and enter it.

Chapter 6: Sand Castles
1. In the Desert Kingdom, talk to the Enchanter.
2. To reach the princess, you have to build a Glass Bridge. Build the necessary buildings.
3. Once the Glassmith is complete, talk to Ratbeard who will make Glass available for trade in the Forest Kingdom.
4. Build the Glass Bridge North-East of the village.
5. Talk to Broodie who will join your team
6. Talk to the princess. She wants to get married with the prince but she needs a castle.
7. Work towards building the Sultan's Palace.
8. Build the Stone Pavilion and talk to Ratbeard. He wants you to bring him a treasure, a Soda Can. You can find it West. Bring it to him and hit it three times to break it. A genius will appear and ask you to gather 25 Glass to build him a jar.
9. Once you built the Enchanter's Tower, talk to the enchanter. Kick seven Keflings to get a Heart.
10. Talk to the princess. Look for the three flowers in the desert and bring them to the Enchanter's Tower. You will get a Heart and new blueprints.
11. Build Uncle Habib's and talk to Brodie to get a Burnin' Love.
12. Build the Silk Weaver and look for the three Silkworms on the map. Bring them to the Silk Weaver.
13.Talk to the princess. She will ask you for a Stone Archway. Build one at the Bazar Workshop and bring it to her. You will get a heart.
14. Build the Sultan's Palace. If you need Tree, break some of the Tent you built by hitting it.
15. The princess is now getting married. Talk to her. She wants you to make dance six Keflings. Use the robot emote to do a robot dance.
16. Go back to the Forest Kingdom to finish the Castle.
17. Build a Glass Trader.

Chapter 7: If you Built it They will Come
1.Talk to the witch. Look for the Seerstone. You can find it on an island in the North. Build a Vertical Bridge to access it. Once you have it, bring it to the Glass Trader.
2.Build a Royal Workshop to unlock the Castle blueprint.
3.Gather resources and build a Castle.
4. Once the Castle built, talk to the King. You will get the Giant's gift blueprint. Gather all the presents you got to make it.

Chapter 8: Just Chillin'
1. You can now relax. The Kingdom is complete but feel free to do whatever you want to make it even bigger!

By LifeUpStudios.

Damn, this took a long time to make, had to complete the game with writing it at the same time!