I define Personal GDP (Gross Domestic Product) as the amount of production one makes during his time awake. Whether this production comes from time on a forum, progress on a game, or even some necessity - anything, the larger the production rate of a person is always better. Here are a few things you can do to maximize your own production and the production of other people.

1. No matter where you are out - if it's a store, a gym, an office, or whatever, it is crucial that you follow this step. Whenever possible, be ready before the driver is. This means be in the car and close the door you got into before the driver turns on the ignition. Not following this wastes unneeded time and could limit production.
----------1.1 If you are the driver, take the most direct route home. If you need to look up MapQuest or something like that, do so.

2. Help your family. Whatever they're doing, like carrying bags in, gardening, or just moving stuff, having you as a helper to whoever is conducting the work could save them (and possibly, you) a ton of time. So do it! Besides, it's a very nice thing to do for someone. Think of it as charity. And hey, who knows, you may even get a reward!

3. When someone is moving, get out of their way. If you see someone coming their way, give them a path. They could be on their way to something important, and you would not want to slow them down. This applies to roadways too, though you only need to follow this on very thin streets (like mine) or in special situations.

4. Listen to people if they ask you to stop doing something annoying, like tapping or humming. They might be irritated and may see reduced production if you continue against their will.

5. Sort your work. If you have something very important to do, do it first! This includes homework, of course. Constantly switching between things like homework and forums (as in, multitasking) may have a detrimental effect on your production rate.

6. And heck, if you have the time during lunch, or after school or something, it could be beneficial to do your homework in school! Or at least, as much of it as you can. I have a very high production rate doing this, but of course it's not available all the time, or to anyone. But you can do anything you put your mind to.

7. And finally, and this might be the most important of all, keep moving! Stopping while on a route or getting distracted is possibly the number one thing that ruins production. If there is not something even more important to contend to, concentrate on your current task! What use is it to stand around? Speed is always key to production, and everyone can at least move, even if some aren't fast. So move!

That's about it for me. If you have any more tips, feel free to give them out here!

Thanks for listening to this post, and have a good day!