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    Arcade PreHacks - Playing a game.

    Tips For A Successful Hack Request

    By following these simple steps you can have a successful hack request.

    1) Search for your game in the Request A Hack Forum, and in the sub forums Disallowed Requests and Completed Hacks.
    Remember to spell your game correctly.
    If your game shows up here please read all the threads to make sure your game did not encounter a problem that would render it unable to be hacked.
    Also if your game does show up and has not encountered a problem, then bump that thread even if you want different hacks for your game.

    2) Search for your game on Arcade PreHacks. Remember to spell your game correctly.
    If your game shows up, then it is already hacked.

    3) Read the Request A Hack Rules to make sure that you will not be requesting a game that can’t be hack.

    4) If your game is not requested or hacked and did not show up as unable to be hacked then request the hack by filling out the form here: Request a Hack Form . If the request is successful then it will appear as a new thread in this forum.

    After you requested your game to be hacked, it may take a couple of hours for the request to be seen, so go play some games at Arcade PreHacks and check back later.

    Check back once in a while for updates and more tips.

    Tips from Staff Members:

    How To Use The Search

    Quote Originally Posted by selectLOL
    If the full name gives no result, maybe trying it with parts of it?
    Quote Originally Posted by ffemt53
    If you made a request but can not find it, before you request it again, Look at your profile under the My Activity tab to see if it was replied to.
    Direct Link:
    Quote Originally Posted by ffemt53
    1. Go to your game and let it load.
    2. After your game loaded copy the web address in the address bar (this is the direct link)
    3. Paste it where your requested to paste it
    Game Name:
    Quote Originally Posted by ffemt53
    Look at the title screen of your game for the name to see if they match up to what the website says it is. Alot of websites will tell you they have the next in the series just to get you to go to there website.
    Requesting A Game Update
    Quote Originally Posted by ffemt53
    If you are requesting an already hacked game to be update, put in the Game Name and in the Hacks that you want (Update Requested) and the difference between the two updates. (I.E. New chatacters, New Levels, New Weapons...)
    Flash Game Website List:
    Arcade Prehacks Approved Flash Game Website List

    APF Glossary

    Sitelocked Rule
    Rule for sitelocked games
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