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    Gaming Forum Rules

    Gaming Forum Rules

    All of the FORUM RULES will be in effect and enforced unless otherwise stated.

    No generalizing. Don't make topics about a whole system/company/website (ex: Xbox 360/Gearbox/Newgrounds), unless there is a new system coming out.

    Don't post walkthroughs for games in this section. If you wish to post a walkthrough, post it in Other Cheats Discussion

    No double topics. If there is a topic about a game that has been dead and/or locked, PM a staff member for permission to bump and unlock it.

    If there is a mature/adult game that has pornographic content in it but that is not the main purpose of the game (such as Dante's Inferno), you may discuss that game, but you may not talk about the adult content in it.

    No console wars. Keep your opinion about a console to yourself.

    Don't request hacking consoles.

    Don't request how to hack a console like jailbreaking.

    Requesting account information from any member will result in being BANNED.
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