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    Thumbs Up About Bunnie09, Poem

    Im going to write a poem about me
    i lay on a wooden raft
    i stay in the dark
    i pray to survive
    i may not survive

    i look out the sea
    i wake up on the sea
    i seek out for help
    i may not survive

    i eat my dry food
    i drink the salty water
    i sit in the cold
    i may not survive

    yes, alone i stare at the storm
    yes, alone i live on the sea
    yes, alone i wait for the rescue boat
    yes, alone i may not survive

    The end
    From this poem you can see im lonely and have no friends and i describe my self as the only one in the sea .

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    Hello Bunnie09, and welcome to the Arcade PreHacks Forums. There are lots to see and do so join in and have fun.

    Here's some reading for you, so you can start off on the right foot.

    Tips -->Tips for a successful hack request

    Rules --> Forum Rules / Request A Hack Rules

    New Hack Request System---> Request a Hack Form

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