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    Arcade PreHacks - Playing a game.

    Arcade Prehacks Approved Flash Game Website List

    The following websites here are to help you with your requests.

    If your website is listed here, there is a good chance that the game will be hacked.

    If your website is NOT listed here it may take a while to get your game hacked.

    • AddictingGames
    • Armorgames
    • Bigdino
    • Kongregate
    • Mochi
    • Newgrounds
    • Notdoppler

    Website And Their Sitelocks

    Sitelocked - This means the game can only be played on a certain amount of websites. Breaking a sitelock is illegal.

    • AddictingGames
      - They split the game files now because of stealers.
    • Armorgames
      - Depending on game, they extend sitelock time on almost every game.
    • Bigdino
      - If you see it on Notdoppler, you know its public
    • Notdoppler
      - 1 week. On good games 1 month or more.

    Always read the Request A Hack Rules and Tips for a successful hack request as these will help you get a good game hacked.
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