Hello Community.. Muerte Here (Formerly Link)

This tutorial will be about how to 'Upload your Hacked Flash Game' To only be used by you of course..

Before you ask No this does not mean you can upload your games to a server or Add them to APH..

Okay.. So those of you who have read my first tutorial on how to actually hack the flash games through ActionScript coding.. You should have a Hacked flash file of your own..

What you need to do is download Fiddler Web Debugger onto your computer.. Once its installed , Go To The Auto-Responder's Tab And drag your hacked Flash Game Under the tab..

Now that your hack is loaded.. Go find the original game on the website.. Usually where you first downloaded it from..

Inspect element on the page or view the pages source..

Then look for the Games flash file that is on there site.. Such as

Copy the flash games file name so in this case , notarealgame.swf

Go back to fiddler enable the checkbox on your flash file that you dragged in earlier..

Now on the bottom under where it says Rule Editor Delete the text in the first texbox that says something like 'REGEX?insx).*notarealgamehackedfile\.swf$' And then paste the name of the original flash file that is on the website..

After all is done and you have the auto responder enabled as well as your hacked flash files checkbox checked.. Just refresh the page you got the original flash file from and it should load up your hacked flash file.. Allowing your to use any hacks you made

Thank you for reading..
If you have any questions leave them below.. I Love to help others achieve there goals with hacking , Modding , Developing etc.. If i had a forum of my own it would be filled lol.. But thank you Aph for allowing a tutorials forum for helping people learn