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    Talking Hacking a flash game.

    Hey guys today Im gonna show you how to hack a flash game.

    You will need:
    A flash decompiler.
    A swf file of a game.
    Visual Basic (Any Version)
    Monzilla Firefox

    How to get an swf file:
    Open up firefox and look for a flash game any kind of game.
    I will use stick rpg and heres how Im gonna show you how to do it.

    1. Right click anywhere click on Source Info

    2. Click on the Media tab on the new open window.

    3. Find an embed or an object. One of them is an .swf (The preloaders is not what you want.)

    4. Save the .swf somewhere.

    Now you know how to get an swf file (Please note that not all flash swf files can be hacked.)

    How to hack it (Part 1):

    1. Open the swf with the decompiler program your using.

    2. Search for money or hp or health etc.

    3. If it finds something like var money = 100 that means we can hack it!

    How to hack it (Part 2):

    4. Open Visual Basic and start as Windows form application

    5. Make sure you have shockwave flash object on the toolbox if not then do this
    1. Go on toolbox
    2. Right click on anything and click choose items.
    3. Go on the COM Opponents tab on the new window.
    4. Find Shockwave flash object and tick the box and close the window.

    6. Insert it and size it right and the window.

    7. Go back on firefox on where you were and remember when you saw that link for the swf it had examplething.swf that is the link you need so copy it.

    8. Click on the swf object the the Movie in the properties and change it to the swf link. (Dont forget to name the swf object like game or something!)

    9. Now do this:
    1. Make a button
    2. Change its name to something e.g Cash or HP

    10. Double Click the button

    11. Type in this: Call Game.SetVariable("",50000)

    Now run it and your good to go!

    (Note: You dont have to do cash it could be money or hp or health etc.)
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    Do you like playing games? Do you like solving puzzles? If so, then this blog post is for you! In this article, we will be hacking a popular flash game called "Three Point Shootout." Along the way, we will learn how to use python (a programming language) and some other tools such as IDA Pro. The first step of our journey starts with and installing IDA Pro, which is an excellent free disassembler. Once installed on your computer, open it up and let's get started!

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