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    Thumbs Up Clash Of Clans Hackers!

    Hacking Clash Of Clans!
    Not Easy But Cool!
    (You Need Game Killer or Game Guardian) To Do This!
    1st- Scan The Value Of Your Selected Number.
    2nd-Add Or Minus An Amount Of Number.
    3rd-Scan It Again!
    4th-Select The Code That Has A Right Value!
    5th-Change The Value Of The Code You Pick!
    (If It Dosen't Work Please Follow By Steps Below)
    1st-Pick Another Code(Always Click The One On Top) The Top Is Always Right
    2nd- Change The Value Of The Selected Code!
    Hope It Helped 'Ya

    P.S- You Could Download The Hack Tools At Their Official Site!

    PM Me If There Is A Problem!
    Here Is The Link On The hack Tools (Hope You Like It!) (Game Killer!) ( Cheat Engine!) ( Game Guardian!)
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    Hi, i have a question can you teach me how to hack a flash online game,plsss!!! Sorry for being out topiccccc

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    Really? You're commenting on this 4 months later? Jesus. Anyways, there are tutorials for hacking flash games, check them out.

    Tutorial by the creator of APH, greeny6000:

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