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Thread: How To Hack Flash Games By Link HTO

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    Post How To Hack Flash Games

    Hello Everyone i am Muerte , i am going to tell you all how i Mod/Hack SWF Flash Games
    First of things you will need

    -JPEXS Flash Decompile


    -Google Chrome (or any other browser that supports flash and has Inspect element)

    So first things first you need to find your game , try Y8 games website i cant post links yet so im
    assuming you all know what site that is , after you find the game you want your gonna want to inspect element right next to the game and press CTRL+F at the same time to open up a little search box
    in the search box type in ".swf" without the quotations and look for a link sometimes it will have the games name in it like "com/gamename.swf" if not it may be random letters , you may get a few links try copying and pasting them in a new tab to see which one gives you the game

    if you have found the game link already skip this little area
    Alternatives if you can not find the SWF link
    somtimes the swf can be found by "View Page Source"
    when you right click you can do that and just CTRL+F when it opens up and search the same thing

    -if you still can not find the link theres a couple things you can do
    -Get an SWF Catching add on for your browser
    -look in the page source for a javascript link with the name that has anything to do with an SWF file and click on it , then search for ".swf"
    you should be able to find the link or catch the swf using any of these options
    now after you have your link (assuming you didnt use a catcher) paste the link in a new tab, if it is the game , go to the page options menu if your on chrome its on the top right and go down to "save page as.." save it to your desktop as you can see the file type is an .SWF file

    So now you have your game lets open up JPEXS and drag the SWF file in there
    after the game has loaded it all up in there , you can start modifying so go down to your "Scripts"
    and you will see different files known as "Action script" files , im not to good with coding it myself but modifying the variables is easy to start with , So depending on the game there could be a "Main" File in there if not maybe a "player" or "hero" it all depends on the game your modding , you can also search in there as you did on the webpages guess some obvious keywords as "ammo" , "health" , "mana" etc
    most games have variables so your code could possibly look like this "_root.Cash = 100;" so, you can click the "edit" button below your code and change that variable and any others you feel after you are done the save button on the bottom is to save your changes it doesnt actually save the file , the save file button is on the top left make sure to save frequently just to be on the safe side , also me personally i use the save as or make a copy of the SWF and use one for testing , this is where the notepad comes in
    write down any changes you have made i advise to save after every modification and check what it changed in the game whatever you changed and the outcome of it type it in the notepad some mods can bring negativity and not work how you wanted them so just put it in your notepad and mark it as negative or bad so you dont confuse your codes and mess up the main file your gonna put all the good working mods on , after the modding is all done just save and play it in your browser by dragging it there , if you drag it there and it just sits on a screen and doesnt do anything just right click and press play it should work from there
    Now those are just basic mods

    -I am not sure how to import your own action script 3 files
    (if anyone knows how please let me know it would help alot)
    -if you want to do some "visual" mods use Sothink SWF Quicker
    you can change colors and many more visual modifications in there
    please leave any comments , Likes , Anything and if anyone gets pretty good at this type of editing and wants to collab with me just let me know ill try to be as active as possible on this site

    -When im not on this site im usually either not on the computer or im working on things such as
    SWF Mods , Visual Basic Coding for trainers or just practice , Android APK Modding etc

    Again thank you for reading and i hope i helped alot of people

    -Sincerely Muerte

    UPDATE 1
    I Just thought id throw in some References and some more advice

    If you want to get serious about learning to Hack/Mod flash games i would suggest Learning Action Script as a Developing language not as just a way to hack flash games , It can be used to Create Tools and Games As Well (Of Course)
    If your thinking about Development Download FlashDevelop , Its a free Flash IDE , You can learn alot by using it and looking up tutorials..

    Basics on Action Script :

    Encryption & Compression :
    Protect Your Flash Files From Decompilers by Using Encryption

    Creating Simple Buttons :
    AS3 example Button - EduTech Wiki

    Simple Events :
    Flash AS3 MOUSE_OVER versus ROLL_OVER, MOUSE_UP, MOUSE_LEAVE and Other Events

    Color Codes (For coloring your buttons) :

    Filters for a nice GUI :
    Adobe ActionScript 3.0 * Available display filters

    I Will be adding more into this list eventually not sure how much i will be on .. But i enjoy helping Motivated Coders . Communities reach a certain goal.. I Would love some feedback though.. feel free to ask any questions as well
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    Hey thanks for this information, this is coding in java I think i could help you as I am still helping my self learn java scripting. Thumbs up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RemiGod View Post
    Hey thanks for this information, this is coding in java I think i could help you as I am still helping my self learn java scripting. Thumbs up.
    i was actually starting to learn a bit of java using eclipse trying to make my own Memory match flip board game based on the game Hearthstone i have a good ammount of graphics for the game so far i just searched google so im sure they werent free for the taking lol but its not a game to make money just to have it there and i know its an accomplishment lol im about to go write a tutorial on how to get fonts n such from pages
    ◘ Never Stop Learning ◘

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    Thank you so much, I thought it was impossible so far

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    Your shared article is very good, I like it you can also see more good games at the best game store today.
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