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    How to hack games that require a login using Fiddler 2

    Some games require you to login to the game which means that if you are not registered or pay for the game you are screwed. This is not necessarily true when you master Fiddler 2!

    First off, get fiddler 2 and never ever delete it. it is very useful.

    if you can register for the game but doesnt allow you to get certain content by not paying, then you are through half the battle.

    There are three things in Fiddler that are the most important:

    The left pane, which shows the addresses the browser is sending and receiving

    The inspector pane, which allows you to see the raw data sent and received (mainly we want the received)

    And the Autoresponder pane, which allows you to respond to a request created by the browser with info from a text file. (very handy)

    To get an idea of games that require a login for full access, two game that I have successfully used this method on are RoboKill and Fantastic Contrpation, two excellent games if you have not played them.

    Now, bring up fiddler and leave it up while creating a hack and when playing the games otherwise it wont work!!!!

    go to the games website and try to login, two things will happen. Either you have registered an account already that doesnt let you get the access you want OR you get denied.

    ***We can work with both types***

    If the login lets you in but limited access then rejoice for you dont have to use your brain. you can select the link in the left pane of fiddler that will say www. name".com/login.php or something similar and then click the inspector tab. now click the textview and you should have your data along with a line that will either a BOOLEAN statement or a simple 0 or 1. most likely it is a 0. changing this to a 1 would allow your game session to have full access, but how do i get it to read it??? that's where autoresponder comes into play.

    with the previous link highlighted, copy the data in the textview window, copy this to a text file and change the line that most applies to the "registered" data and save. go back to fiddler, select autoresponder and click add. now go to the bottom of that pane, click the bigger box, then find a file. find your text file and then click open then save at the bottom. make sure enable auto response and permit unmatched are both checked.

    close your browser and login to the game, BINGO!

    NOW, not all games are going to be the same and may require some thinking to figure out the code or getting the code from someone who has a login then copying the data to your own login account. this option would most likely be used if you cant register an account with the game, like RoboKill.

    That's about it, happy hacking!

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    Re: How to hack games that require a login using Fiddler 2

    seems usefull wonder why no one posted on this +K (and i do this rarely)
    Someone got an 11 killstreak so I must come back.

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    Re: How to hack games that require a login using Fiddler 2

    Thanks, I figured this out one day and have been doing it since so i had to post it somewhere.

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    Re: How to hack games that require a login using Fiddler 2

    Try not to get cought, now.

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