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Thread: Who, me?

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    Who, me?

    Hi there, people...

    Well, I've made some hacks, before I introduce myself to you all... That's because I didn't know about the Community Forum.
    I'm not from an English speaking country, as some of you can guess.
    I'm from Brazil. And, actually, I don't speak (or write) English better than you'll see 'round this post.

    I'm a 22 years old Web Developer.
    I ended up in this forum by a friend suggestion who told me that I could learn something about hacking swf files here.
    And, that's why I'm here, to learn how to hack swf files without the original fla file. It's useful in my job. And I've already learned a lot! Thanks to those who shares their knowledge with us in the Tutorials section of the forum.

    Well, I guess this is it!

    Thank you all. Have a nice fu**in' day.
    Have nothing to say.

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    Re: Who, me?

    How lovely! I myself is, when it comes to webdesign, a boring-mostly-HTML-and-PHP-powered-by-some-database-intermediate. Neat seeing someone who knows what he's doing, though!

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    Re: Who, me?

    I cant hack.
    Welcome to Team Forum!
    We will take over the world with hacking!

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