Hello Everyone..
Its Around 6:00 am here.. And i really have nothing to do so i decided too maybe throw a little story out there as to how i came about being a "Hacker" Probably going to be quite boring but im gonna see how this goes lol

So .. Back in 2008, When a facebook game called 'Yoville' Came out there were so many hackers on it doing so many different things it seemed pretty cool to me especially the ability to spam waterballoons all over the screen lol , that was the first thing i ever learned to do thanks to a guy named Lance Godz, He gave me a program known as WPE Pro(Winsock Packet Editor) Which i ended up using till around 2014.. he explained to me the simple way on how to use it .. just record and do an action in the game so i threw a water balloon and recorded it.. found the packet he explained it had the word 'Target' in it.. I Played with the packet a little bit and eventually figured out how to do it on my own very easily.. from there is where my story began.. i joined the yoville hacking group known as Godz and really got into hacking the game.. i would play it everyday , stayed up days just making new hacks because i guess i had a huge interest in it.. Well after they started to patch things i decided to move onto other games.. i moved to Panfu on my own which was another vitual world .. i created so many hacks on there but nothing really compared to 2008 Yoville.. I Eventually moved from Panfu to Secret Builders.. There i created multiple hacks.. Mainly Item hacks which i found fun as i could turn a simple starter item to an expensive ninja costume within a matter of seconds lol.. After i got banned on there for being invisible with unreleased clothes and facial features.. i moved to there secret server that i guess only us hackers knew about .. it was way more vulnerable than the normal server we ended up getting moderator ability's and much more.. Secret builders ended up closing off that server and protected there game alot more.. Thats when i moved to Ecckys.. Which was actually one of my favorite games i hacked.. it was so easy to hack.. i had created unreleased item hacks, currency hacks, as well as an Account hack and ended up taking all the moderators accounts, i created most of the hacks on that game but i wasnt as known on it as my friend Trinity, who was just freezing rooms with huge amounts of people , he was known for the unreleased scream costume we hacked.. We Destroyed there forums and After we hacked that game it ended up getting shut down.. After that i ended up moving to Woozworld, Which i was quite known on there for my Giant Avatar hack which made my character as big as i wanted.. and i had unreleased items as well , such as the moderators faces.. i ended up getting ip banned on that game but never bothered to go back as there wasnt much to hack , there is actually a video of me getting banned on that game on youtube if you search 'Woozworld Giant Hacker' and im some huge green guy lol.. After woozworld i moved to Animal Jam, On there i created a currency hack and a room freeze as well as removed the chat filter from my account, I gathered up as much currency as i could and started to feed other peoples accounts who i knew played the game.. i ended up getting bored of that game and moved onto Squishland.. Which is where i created the moderator hack that allowed me to have my own moderator menu, i could perform mass room kicks, send moderator messages, Ban users as well as Disconnect users, set users level, set users currency and much more, From there i got Ip Banned and explored many other games.. but after most games were shut down or highly protected, poor little wpe pro wouldnt work anymore.. so i tried other games .. i downloaded one called Red Crucible which is a multiplayer FPS game.. i used wpe pro to make Weapon Hacks, as well as cheat engine for Aimbot and godmode, had some fun on there but got banned a little too much for my liking plus the lag was soo bad .. Back to where i was, once most games were patched my buddy tony showed me a simple Flash Decompiler tool , which i used almost every day and got to learn alot on how to use it, from there i explored many flash games and well thats what got me here today i did try other things such as DLL Injection for using the C# Programming language to hack games on steam but that didnt work to well.. i still enjoy creating Hacks and tools to this day and its what i spend most of my time doing hopefully this story didnt bore you to death but i needed something to do