- This area is for asking questions to do with Flasm or Flash.
Do not Post anything to do with any other topics (Example: Posting a hacked flash here, going offtopic, talkabout anything thats not in this world...)
All the post that has nothing to do with this section will be deleted...

- Once the problem has been resolved there is no reason to post in the topic further more unless another question comes up through the resolution of original question. (Example: Resolving the problem but then getting another problem in the process)
The most that will be allowed would be the "thank you"'s and "your welcome"'s. following the answer.

- Do not post your question within someone elses question (Unless your question has to 95% to do with the other person's question). Create a new topic for it. And do not post in someone question topic unless you are contributing to the answer. Akaon't just post something like "Hi!" or "you are stupid for asking this question".

- Respect someones question, if they ask it then they obviously don't know what to do, so don't post something like "Stupid! Just press CTRL+F moron". This would be an acceptaple version of the response "Press CTRL+F and type in what your looking for"

- Do not use [color=#0000FF]G[/color][color=#FF0000]O[/color][color=#FFFF00]O[/color][color=#0000FF]G[/color][color=#00FF00]L[/color][color=#FF0000]E[/color] as a response. If someone is looking for something they can't find either look for it for them and give a link or just don't answer.

If anyone has break any of these rules will gives you a Warning!