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    Yaay! It's 2018!!!

    The title is becoming so ironic for me, since I'm starting to hate how fast time is flying by, but I keep it for tradition's sake.

    Honestly, when I opened this site to start this topic, I thought it might not be up anymore. But it is, and I'm glad. My 2017 topic is still on the first page of General Chat though, so it seems like this site is on a slippery slope of inactivity, however I hope it stays up for as long as possible.

    This year's been quite strange for many: the beginning of Trump's presidency, all the **** that happened with YouTube, all the terror attacks, etc. Personally, 2017 has been the ****test year so far in my life (after 2016, the next ****test). Although I have learnt tonnes through personal research since 2015 and have since become a Wikipedian, I left college (UK: 16–1 with **** final grades and having no clue what I was doing. However, it now seems I will start by working for a shop my parents are opening.

    As I explained in my 2017 topic, I have begun to hate getting older (increasingly since age 17), as I feel completely out of my depth in comparison to other people my age and very much attached to everything I was as a child. I'd assumed that it's a natural effect of having had a **** past 2 years with no prospect of a future (also due to personal anxiety barriers), but in reality there's more to it. I can't say I didn't dread turning 16 or 18 when I was just 10 (the age I joined this website). I seemed to have always had an inkling that I would feel out of my depth right from the start.

    It seems like I've just repeated a lot of what I said last year lol. Anyway, I wish every old frequenter to this site (and new users alike) a happy new year.

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    I haven't been on here since February. My god. It's so inactive it's kinda sad. Just checked in to see if you still posted. I'm happy you did.

    Hope you all had a great New Year's probably won't see ya'll again. Have a good one.

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    Is this thing still on?

    I'm SuperDragonfruit. You may remember me from... holy crap, this year marks 8 years since I first signed up to APH, and 6 years since I made that dramatic "It was fun" thread quitting the site and locking my account. Wow. Time flies. I made another account in the meantime (KirkZolotow) but I've long forgotten the password... because that was 4-5 years ago too. Eek.

    Just saw that this thread was partially being used as a remembrance for the glory days of the site, and figured I'd throw some thoughts in here. I had a ton of fun on here back in 2010/2011, and I really can't believe that I was 11/12 when I was posting on here. Heck, I'm still not even 20 yet... I'd still be considered a baby on many forums.

    It's definitely a bit sad that the slow death of Flash means the site isn't very active. But I still do check in occasionally and always get a rush of nostalgia. I love that the site still looks as it did nearly a freaking decade ago. Obviously many of the users I had the most fun with on here are long gone, but it does warm my heart seeing a few of them still lurking and keeping this place in their mind; I assume most of the crew from the site's heyday have probably long forgotten it.

    Anyway, happy 2018 to the few people reading this. This site was very important to me as a young kid and it will hopefully always have a place in my heart.
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    thats great

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    Time flies with a speed of light lol, 2019 soon.

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