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    Sword Art Online H5?

    Do you know this game? Recently my friends are playing this game, and I want to learn more about this game! But I only know this is a h5 game based on sword art online, and launched by InstantFuns! So, What's H5 game? How do you think of it?

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    You created an account in Jan 2018 and made a single post just for this "Sword Art Online H5". It seems to me that you might be advertising for this game.

    H5 probably means HTML5 game, which are probably made with HTML and Javascript.

    I decided to take a look at this game:
    • Right after I picked a server/character, I get instantly put into the battlefield, and the character just automatically attacks stuff. You can't do anything.... it just spams 1 skill for you...
    • Insane PAY2WIN
    • WINGS
    • BATTLEPOWER - IT'S OVER 9000!!!!
    • waves and waves of the same generic enemies

    Basically, it's another copy&paste chinese game but with SAO name, there are so many games out there with the exact same crap... These companies create a game and hope to milk as much money as possible, the moment it loses players, they rebrand it and release a "new game", but they basically have the same features I mentioned above. Not even worth the time.

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