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Thread: Mud and Blood 3

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    Mud and Blood 3

    Should've posted this once the issue was found; the game crashes frequently in the middle of a skirmish due to the usual "unresponsive script".

    Also, the version here in ArcadePreHacks is 0.25, the official site in mud and blood 3 and Mud & Blood 3 has 0.30c*, even though the latest update was posted as 0.30e. Checked the Internet Archive for in-between versions but there's only 0.23f, possible to update?

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    I'll get this looked at.

    Edit: We are working on this. Also regarding the crashing, that I believe is out of our control and a problem with how the game is coded. Hopefully its improved in the new version.

    Edit: This is updated now.
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