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    Exclamation How do I play Flash Games without Adobe Flash Player on Firefox?

    Adobe Flash Player no longer runs on Firefox, are there any other alternatives for Adobe Flash Player?

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    Download Unlimited Games

    The article, by Flash game expert and video game journalist Thomas William, answers the question: "how do I play flash games without Adobe Flash Player on Firefox."
    You can play Flash games on Firefox without needing the Adobe Flash Player.
    To play Flash games, you'll need to install a plug-in called NoScript by visit Passionapk ( Passionapk is a platform where you can Download Unlimited Games to get unlimited Fun At free of cost). Once you've done that, follow these steps:
    1. In Firefox, go to the web page of your game.
    2. Click "Tools" at the top right corner of your browser window and select "Options."
    3. Click on the "Content" tab in the new window that pops up.
    4. Under "Allow Plugins," click "Allow Plugins," then choose "Allowed Sites" from the drop-down menu next to it and click "OK."

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