Edgar and Selana:good armor,bow's,sword's and crossbow's but weak men to start with.Only nation that has daggars.
Karl and Elisibeth:Best armor and mace's in the world an good men but exspensive
Vseslav and Olga:Best Axes's and bow's but bad Intelligence
Sieg and Niora:No sword's,mace's,axes's or spear.But very good wepon's


now then choses your hero I like the ninja's good armor but on a Islend now before attacing you should look at the armor:is it good or bad? (better or worst than your armor)if better than think about it if worst than see if you got lot's of men then attaque .


now then I stay behind with my bow and arrow and shoot them,my men will do the rest.But if you want to go in and do close combat make sure you get the weakest and kill him quiqly(you know who it is because hr will have bad armor).And don't forget the arrow attaque!!*
* got to have some arrowmen in reserve

Get the small towns first(vey importent)
do lot's of quest's and get good stuff
horses are importent(matter of life and deaf)
do the quest where you do not fight
if you get some tip'stell me and i will add them and give you credit!


on hero sreen choses your hero then right click and press forward and you will have NAN money and lt's of skill point's and be lv50

hope this helped(sorry about writting ) shall be updating daily

By me ten10dix