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    1 Ton Low Headroom Electric Chain Hoist with European Standard

    European standard chain hoist request:

    This is the first time we cooperated with Mr. Abdul who need an European standard electric chain hoist for auto maintenance workshop. One more point he emphasized was low headroom requirement. Our sales manager Mia sent the detailed quotation with design drawing to customer for his reference.
    Low headroom fem hoist solution:

    After receiving and checking the design drawing, Abdul mentioned one question: he want to extend the hoist connecting plate 30cm. Our engineers designed according to his request, and the final solution is as follow:
    custom european standard low headroom chain hoist

    1 ton low headroom european chain hoist design

    After confirming the drawings to the customer, Mr. Abdul was very satisfied with our hoist solution, he placed the order and made the payment quickly. We started production as soon as received the payment.
    European-type low headroom electric chain hoist production:

    1 ton low headroom european chain hoist production

    european standard electric chain hoist production

    Why choose European low headroom chain hoist:

    • DQCRANE European standard chain hoist is designed with compact structure and reliable performance, which is strictly in accordance with European FEM material handling standard and German DIN industry standard.
    • It adopts German low noise motor, aluminum alloy shell and hardened surface reducer.
    • FEM style electric chain hoist is consisted with motor, transmission mechanism and chain wheel.
    • The modular design of the motor and reducer make this product can be flexible assembled into different hoisting speed.
    • Small size, simple operation, easy installation and maintenance.


    This hanging hoist can be fitted on a suspended I-beam, curve track, cantilever crane track and fixed position for small goods handling in the field of auto parts manufacturing, packing and painting.

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    Thank you for your post. I have read through several similar topics! However, your article gave me a very special impression, unlike other articles. I hope you continue to have valuable articles like this or more to share with everyone!

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