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    Technology is disruptive and empowering

    Technology is changing the way we work, live our lives and have fun. Technology can provide companies with productivity improvements, faster development and production cycles, better employee decision-making and better customer service. But it is not always easy to reap these benefits from integrating new technology. Technology is often disruptive at first before it becomes empowering.

    While the ideas developed in this article may be of general application, their primary purpose is to incorporate new information and communication technologies into business processes. Information technologies include computers and their peripherals, as well as the flow of data over local area networks. Communications includes all voice and video activities, including the telephone system and related equipment, as well as the communication paths created by wide area networks.

    Technology changes business processes

    Every action performed within a company is part of some process. Sometimes processes are easy to define and easy to observe, such as in the routing of a purchase order. On other occasions, the process is not so clear, yet it persists even though it is standard.

    New technologies are introduced in business to:

    Accelerate existing processes
    Expand the capabilities of existing processes
    change processes
    By changing processes, new technologies will often enable new ways of doing business that were not possible before.

    In addition to simply speeding up existing processes, new technologies will be disruptive when they are first introduced. This results from having to change behavior patterns and/or relationships with others. When a failure occurs, productivity often suffers in the beginning, until new processes become as familiar as old ones. At this point, hopefully, the goal of achieving a higher level of productivity than the level it started at before the new technology was introduced has hopefully been achieved.

    Therefore, a common cycle that occurs with the introduction of new technologies includes:

    To break down
    Low productivity and finally
    A productivity plateau above the starting point
    The obvious objectives for the introduction of new technologies are:
    Minimize interruption
    Minimize the time it takes to increase productivity
    Maximize Productivity GainsFor more information CLICK HERE

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