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Thread: tactics core

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    tactics core

    the game is called tactics are controlling a group of people with different abilities and fighting another group with different abilities, and has a turnbased move your carachter then attack,or heal, or vice verca.then your opponent goes.the hack is your health is 99999999, your opponents healthis mostly 1500 but there are 2 exceptions, and your the amount of spaces your people can move is changed.this is a strategy game. hacked by silus. i unplugged the game from This was the easiest game to hack because the hack you are looking for is almost always within the first line that comes up when u press find (hacking using flasm).
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    Re: tactics core

    This game is actually preety good hope it goes on main site

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    Re: tactics core

    Is this the full game or a demo? Good work anyway.

    Added to main site. ... Core-.html

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