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    How To Find A Pointer In CE 5.4


    Pointer: An Address At The Core Of A Changing Address
    CE : Cheatengine the item we are using to hack with today

    l__l .............
    l...l .0. \/\/.... to find a variable

    1. Open Up CE
    And Attach To Whatever Ur Hacking And Press Ok

    <------- To Find A Procces Click That In CE
    <----- slect What Ur Hacking

    2. Find The First Variable Ur Looking For Like Health Money Bullets Etc.And Then Right Click It And Select Find Out What Rites To This Address
    If It Says SomethingAbout A Debugger Hit Yes
    <--- Right Click
    <-- Find Out What Rights To Address

    3. Then Something Like This Should Come Up Go Back To Whatever Ur Hacking And Change The Value And Something Should Be Their
    <-- Before Value Change
    <-- After Change

    4. Select It And Click More Information Then Do A Hex Scan For Whatever Shows Up Here
    <-- Shows Up When U Hit More Info
    <-- Do A Hex Scan For This Value
    Right Ontop Of This Text

    5. So On The CE Scan Page And Check The [X] Next To Hex And In The Box Type in The Value Eg. [X]Hex [VALUE HERE]

    6. Then You Should Have 1 Address Left Click The Add Adress Manually Button Select Pointer Eg. [X] Pointer
    Then In The Boxes That Appear Type In The Address Of The Value U Just Searched Not The Value The ADDRESS
    Now For The Next Box it will ask u for an offset go back to ur More Info Page
    see the red line of text if in the Box ( [ ] ) it has nothing but letters like eax or something leave it at 0 but first try it if the question marks appear where it says the value is XXXXX then take it out.
    If Their Is Like an e+18 or something type it in aslong as their is NO question marks its good And Hit The [OK] Box

    7. Now Their Will Be A New Address That will Look Like P> ADDRESS and it will have the same value as ur starting address
    set that to the number u want then go back to the game and it will be all set to the number u want.


    Any Questions? Ask Me
    Someone got an 11 killstreak so I must come back.

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    Re: How To Find A Pointer In CE 5.4

    Thank you SOO much! I finally understood how to find pointers, all other instructions I've read were quite worthless to me.
    EDIT: Ops, um, how do i delete posts? Please delete this. So sorry, i was just so excited that i didn't realize what i'm doing.

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    Re: How To Find A Pointer In CE 5.4

    Read the rules,please!

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