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    boxhead zombie wars [request]

    boxhead:zombie wars ... ombie-wars

    i think you should put likem infinite ammo and health and all weps at start and all upgrades if you can and also try to get a new wepeon like missile turrets (rocket pods) and you also get them at start and infinate ammo

    i hope you can do this all thanks

    - big fan of arcadetrainer
    killer 8-) 8-)

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    Re: boxhead zombie wars [request]


    Can't Be Done Written in Action Script 3.0 I tried Sorry. Post This Topic on Request Your Trainer.
    Please Do not Double Post topic's
    Please Do not lie about things shown as above
    Please Do not say big fan of arcadetrainer because we can tell by your posts and that won't make the hack come any sooner

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