You will need ...

Hell Quest 0.9 (A Trainer for AQW). Link Here: ... a086e0.htm
A Brain.

Useful information:
What is AQW: Adventure Quest World (AQW) is a massively multiplayer game that plays right inside your web browser.

What is Hell Quest: A very useful trainer for AQW

What is a Chat Bomb: A funny hack (its called Chat Bomb because its BOMB the chat log lol)

1:First opens Hell Quest (I hope you do not need a picture to do this)

2:Press Start (this white box will be filled of packet)

Before I continue I will explain the 3 types of bomb Chat:

a: Normal Chat Bomb: she attracts much attention. Use for advertisements but watch the other players could request a ban.
b: Silent Chat Bomb:Use it if you want to annoy those who chat.Very difficult to identify
c: PM Chat Bomb: Use it if you want to annoy a very boring person. the most difficult do identify

[color=#FF0000]How make a NORMAL CHAT BOMB[/color]
1: In you chat bar write 'a' and click OK(The packet in the white box will be like this: %xt%zm%message%18668%[color=#FF0000]a[/color]%zone%) Click on it
2:Now in the white box under the game you must modify the message packet. How? replace the [color=#FF0000]a[/color] in your message packet by your message (exemple: GO TO!!)
3:Copy you message min 30 times to make a usefull Chat BOMB
4: You can add this packet to the list to save him.
5:To activate your packet Click Send : )