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Thread: |- Rules for Proccesing Hack Requests -|

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    |- Rules for Proccesing Hack Requests -|

    Firstly: Don't hack any games that we can't hack as stated in the Request A Hack Rules an double check the game in the Disallowed Requests.

    Secondly: If the game has a Global Scoreboard you must either remove the ability to submit the score or remove the ability to get a high score.

    Thirdly: All hackers wishing to participate in hacking requested games must follow these rules.
    • 1) To hack a requested game you must first tag it. To tag it just post in the topic that you are doing it.

      2) Only tag one game at a time. Only when you have finished hacking the game and uploaded it to APH, and posted that you are finished, can you tag another game.

      3) Alternatively, if you can't hack the game or wish to pass it to someone else then post that you want someone else to have a go. Then you can move on and tag another game.

      4) The games you tag are reserved for you for 12 hours. No other hacker is allowed to hack the game in this time. If twelve hours pass and there isn't a post from you that you have hacked it or given up, then the game becomes open for someone else to tag.
      5)You may not remove advertisements from a game. It takes away money from the game's developer(s). Any game submitted will not be approved if the ads have been removed.

      6) If someone specifically requests keyhacks/hackbar, you need to hack it with keyhacks or hackbar (if keyhacks are requested you can use a hackbar instead). If for whatever reason a keyhack or hackbar hack is not possible then it is fine to prehack it. But keyhack/hackbar must be attempted first if it was requested.
      If you do not know how to keyhack/hackbar then pass on the game to the hackers that do know keyhacks/hackbars.

    Warning will be given to people found breaking these rules.
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