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    Trapped 4 Walkthrough

    When you start the game, you're in a room with a red door at the top. First, push one of the blocks north two spaces and maneuver around it. Then, push the block south into its receptacle on the opposite side. (Note that you can't do this if you push the block all the way to the wall; reset the game by going to the switch in the middle and pressing "a.") Repeat with the other two blocks; the red key should appear near the bottom. Get the red key, read the tip at the top (press "a" on the H), and go to the next room.

    This room is filled with brown X's and a cannon at the middle. If you read the help like I told you to, you would know not to step on the X's. They reduce your health by 10%. The cannon shells do as well. Read the help towards the west and go through the door at the north.

    You're in a room with a cannon, a path, and a sea of black. The help said not to step in the black, because if you do, you lose health. Follow the path (when you step on a blue raft, it floats to the next point on the path) and go north, taking note of the unreachable land in the northeast.

    This next room has a few X's and three coins. Get the coins and go to the room in the east. This room has the blue key surrounded by four layers of walls. Press the top switch twice and the bottom switch three times to make a path. Get the blue key and exit the room. Go past the room with the sea of black and back into the room with the X's and the cannon at the middle. Now, armed with the blue key, you can go east.

    In this room, there is a cannon in the upper right corner. Avoid its shots as much as possible and head for the yellow dot in the middle. This teleports you back to the sea of black room, onto an identical yellow dot. Walk over the "?", remembering the pattern that appears in the message. Go back to the yellow dot and go west two rooms.

    This room has a blue arrow running to the east. Go to the help and read it. You must "guide" the blue arrow south. Follow it west.

    The blue arrow always tries to distance itself from you, so run to the north and let it find its way south. Follow it.

    At the next room, you watch as the blue arrow bombs a crack in the wall, moving further south. Follow it.

    It finally gets trapped in a room with no doors. Read the ensuing dialog. It gives you invaluable items, bombs. Also take note on how to kill the purple star.

    Go north two rooms, east one room, and south one room. Remember the message you got? Here is where you enter it. Press the switches which need to change color, then press the blue switch. Go south. Get the map, and go north two rooms, east one room, and north two rooms.

    Using the bombs to blow open the crack on the wall, go west one room. Use your bombs to blow up the colored spinning things, collect the coins, and use the yellow dot to teleport.

    Go south one room. In this room, there is a red serpent. Place your bombs strategically so they blow up its head. Each time you blow up its head, it shortens by one circle. When you blow up all five circles, the two doors at the north and south will open. A lot of coins will also appear, grab them and go south.

    This circular room has just one object: the remote bomb. Grab it... this is an extremely useful tool. Go north two rooms and east one room.

    Avoiding the cannons' shots, press the blue switch in the northwest to open the door to the yellow dot. Then teleport to the next room.

    In this room, use your remote bomb to blow up the cracks in the walls, as well as the spinning color circle and the three rotating flowers. Set your remote bomb, and when it gets close, set it off. Press the blue switch guarded by the double cannons. Grab the yellow gem and teleport back. Go one room west and teleport.

    Go east one room and north one room. Use your remote bombs to blow up the cats; get the green key. Go south three rooms and go east. Armed with the green key, open the green door and go south.

    Go east; if you can find the coin (hint: you have to activate a switch first -- go north) within 20 seconds, you get a bonus of 25 coins. After completing this room, go west and south.

    Press the middle switch, which opens the door to another switch. Press that switch, which opens the door to another switch. Press that switch... I think you get the idea. Go south after pressing all 12 switches.

    Place the yellow gem on the empty square (go up to it and press "a"). The white key will appear in the middle of the room. Grab it and go to the room with the white door -- go north 3 rooms, west one room, north two rooms, west one room, teleport, and go west one room.

    This room has a cannon in the middle and a yellow arrow that mirrors your moves. You must kill the yellow arrow. Set a remote bomb and maneuver the yellow arrow onto it, taking care that neither of you gets hit by the cannon (a hit by the cannon hurts you but not the yellow arrow). After killing the yellow arrow (it takes 10 bombs), go west.

    Use your remote bombs to kill all the rotating flowers, then go west.

    Use your remote bombs to kill all the red cats, then go west.

    Maneuver the block onto the square. Just a few words of advice: avoid pushing it against a wall, because you can't get between the wall and the block to move it! If you get stuck, exit and re-enter the room. When you're done, go west.

    This is it: the boss of the game. Prepare yourself, and remember the advice your friend, the blue arrow, gave you: kill the purple star to kill the boss!

    Long post is looooong....

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    Re: Trapped 4 Walkthrough

    nice could you do a trapped 5 walkthrough?

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    Re: Trapped 4 Walkthrough

    NIce wlakthrough.. i finally beat the game

    tber123 if you want a trapped 5 walkthrough please post it in the 'Request a Walkthrough' Section.
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