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    Lets get more people

    Every game you play and you get a very high score or any score submit it as [color=#FF0000][/color]

    This will pull in alotta people!!! it is a big world ya know!
    Fire Fighters Fall. They fall everyday! Trying to save lives! What should they deserve? Thats up to you to decide! Show me what they deserve!
    Remember those who have fallen.
    [color=#000040]Honor your fire fighters![/color]

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    Re: Lets get more people

    we are not allowed to save highscores all highscore links are taken out so we do not get emails asking us to remove the game

    Topic Locked
    XP tried to make a lock the best i could i suck xP but LOCKED
    Someone got an 11 killstreak so I must come back.

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