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    [Complete] age of war to be hacked again(no trainers please)

    i want age of war to be hacked again this time i want:
    lot of health
    your units only
    lots of base health
    again yours only
    instant training
    999999999 money
    200000 exp
    please dont post any trainers and if its possible post the attachment on this thread like the ones u see in the post your hacks page
    just a reminder:[color=#FF0000]do not post any trainers![/color]
    oh and if anyone needed it here the link:
    Quote Originally Posted by superrayquasa
    Quote Originally Posted by admin
    f u *****
    Quote Originally Posted by f u *****
    omg opposites!
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    omg opposites!

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    Re: i want age of war to be hacked again (no trainers please)

    Find this on the mainsite, hacked by - Billy

    I think it has all the stuff you want
    YoU ArE WeAk, WhY ArE YoU So WeAk?

    [color=#FF0000]I worth too much[/color] :twisted:<----- WOOOOT!

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