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    SAS Zombie Assault 2 Hack (Cheat Engine)

    Well, I joined just to post the solution to many of these people trouble: How to hack SAS Zombie Assault 2
    NOTE: The health hack surelly won't work for alot of people

    One of the easiest to hack
    1. Get any of your guns on your hands (wielded of course) and scan the value of it Ex: Pistol 60/60 (Scan it with the 60 value)
    2. Shoot your gun/rifle/shotgun
    3. Pause the game (space bar)
    4. Place the value in wich the remaining bullets was placed (59/60 : 59 + Next Scan)
    5. Like many others know, sometimes there are more than 1 address so, keep going on shooting!
    6. When you get your definite address, double-click it and click on the box ("Frozen") that is right at the beggining of the address on the "Chosen Addresses" or w/e it's called

    Pretty hard to find them but it's very easy to hack them
    1. Get some greandes while playing the game (yellow dots on the map [for the ones who got a higher exp rank on this game]). Normally, you'll get 8 grenades when you touch the upgrade or power up. For the ones who play Insane Asylum, you'll get an option to choose to start with 10 grenades (DELICIOUS! )
    2. Throw a grenade and do the same steps like the ammo one

    What can I say? One of the hardest one to hack
    1. Go to "Exact Value" and change it to "Unknown value"
    2. Let one of the zombies hit you and then pause it (I recommend the ones of the 1st round, believe me)
    3. Change it to "Smaller than..." and place the value to 100 (Too much addresses? keep on scanning)
    4. When you find it, click it AND INMEDIATELLY click on 'frozen' and now you're Invincible!

    Do the same like the ammo's steps but keep an eye on the round counter!
    NOTE: An awesome trick to get to that sweet M60

    I hope this has helped

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    Re: SAS Zombie Assault 2 Hack (Cheat Engine)

    This is not the section into which you can post this.
    Moved to random tutorials.

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