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    How to do the 10th prestige hack on mw2 ps3

    okay right now im assuming you have patch 1.11 or above and this only works with 1.09 so.. what you need is a patch blocker which is in the attachment folder
    and the GSY and hack files that im just going to add as an attachment also..

    so you need an internet connection, ps3 compatible flash drive, patchblocker, and the GSY and the HACK files

    put GSY and HACK files on flash drive (just copy the PS3 folder onto the very first page of your flash drive(not in any folder))
    open patchblocker and press start

    ON PS3
    put in the flashdrive and put the GSY and HACK files onto your ps3(go to save data utility>flash drive) copy the files onto the ps3
    then go to network setting and re-set up your internet, go to custom settings and leave everything the same except when it says use proxy say use and put in the ip address in the patchblocker and the same port also.. idk how to post the actual pic so im just going to post it in the attachments...

    ok so your patch blockers on and your on a proxy connected to the internet.. (i dont recommend signing in just yet) ok
    1.go to gamedata at the top of the game row/column whichever is up and down and delete the mw2 file. (you just deleted the patch) load up modern warfare 2
    3.go to multiplayer
    4.when that screen loads press the ps button and sign in
    5. after you sign in go to split screen and load up GSY go to the lobby and see that you are 9th prestige 70
    6.go back and load up the HACK file now you will get an error this is good
    7. after that go back to splitscreen and go to the lobby because the HACK file is still loaded
    8. now go to prestige go all the way through and get another error this is also good go to the splitscreen sign in page and re load GSY go to the lobby again
    10. go back and go to play online and you should be 9th prestige 70
    11.go to prestige again and prestige slowly like 2 seconds on each page and it should work

    congrats you are now 10th prestige!! any questions ask meyou can pm me or if you are confused i can do it for you enjoy
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