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    Red face A Public "Thank You" to SelectLOL and Leverage.

    It has been about 2 years since I made my last public thank you, which was exclusive to SelectLOL. And even before that, there were threads before me by years where SelectLOL and Leverage were still working. It's amazing to see these 2 people carrying the torch of ArcadePreHacks and keeping it alive, and it really warms my heart. Cheers to SelectLOL and Leverage for working so hard on this website. True dedication.
    Thanks, to both of you for working so hard. I've been here for almost 5 years now and there was not a time where I got on this website and didn't see both their names on the front page with games to alongside them.
    Thank you. Just thank you.

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    Ah, there's so many spam threads here. :< I cannot even create a new thread anymore. I hope my comment can still pass through!Most of the games here are unplayable now due to Flash shutting down. How is everyone with the pandemic?I'd like to thank everyone here, both players and hackers. I joined when I was 10, and now I am 22. It is good to reminisce through the games!

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