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Thread: Request A Hack Rules

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    Request A Hack Rules

    How to Request a Game be Hacked

    Fill in the hack request form here: Hack Request Form

    If your request is successful it will appear as a thread in the Request a Hack Forum.

    - Don’t -

    • Request a game that has already been hacked or has already been requested.
    • Request any "FULL VERSIONS" of any games!
    • Request any hacks for "PREMIUM ITEMS" that require money like MochiCoins!
    • Ask for re-hacks. Accept the game as it is.
    • Spam topics
    • Request facebook games
    • Adult games
    Sitelocked games
    • Request a specific hacker. Hack requests are open to all hackers.
    • Request a game that requires a membership to play.
    • Request a game which does not exists.

    - Do -

    • Search for you game on Play Hacked Games Online | , and in the Request a Hack Forum., to make sure it hasn’t been hacked or requested already.
    • Wait at least 24 hours for a response. If no response is given feel free to bump the topic.
    • Once a hacker states they are going to hack it they have 12 hours to finish, please be patient.
    • Respect the people hacking the game. They are doing their best.
    • Read the Tips for a Successful Hack Request, especially about using the search!

    -Bumping -
    Please do not bump sitelocked games unless you have links. It’s because it won’t help getting the game hacked if you just bump the topic. The game is sitelocked and not hackable for us unless we have a public version. It just keeps the topic on top.

    - Games we can’t hack, so don’t ask –
    • Java or Shockwave games.
    • Online games.
    • Multiplayer or MMO games
    • Games with premium items that can be bought with money.
    • We can’t hack demo games to be full featured
    • Online or Browser games
    • HTML / HyperText Markup Language

    Games made from these Developers/owners:
    • Ninja kiwi
    • Youda
    • Miniclip
    • Nitrome
    • MoFunZone
    • Ayumilove

    These specific games:
    • Bloons Tower Defence 4
    • Burrito Bison Revenge
    • Creeper World "full version"
    • Destructo truck
    • Flakboy 2
    • Frantic Frigates
    • Last Line of Defense
    • Pokemon tower defense
    • Shrink It Falling
    • Stick rpg 2
    • Trap Master
    • Epic Battle Fantasy 4

    Requesting any of the above games could result in a warning to you, 3 warnings and you’re banned from our site!

    Admins feel free to do add to this list any game that is being repetitively requested, that we can't hack. If you don't mind try to post them alphabetically.

    If you would like to hack a game please follow the Rules for Proccesing Hack Requests
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